X2 Software: Concussion and Head Injury Management Software

X2 IMS (Head Injury Monitoring System)

6 axis Sensor data capture
Individuated contextual data display
Data analysis
Recent Impact History
Population exposure ranking
Configurable alerts and "watch lists"
Report generation and distribution
Stakeholder notification

X2 provided NFL Neurologial Assessment Tool (NAT)

League-Wide use by all teams for 2013-14 Season
Derived from SCAT-3
Customized to SCAT-NFL protocol
Dynamic Baselining
Subject profile/history
Bench/Play decision support
Normalize, Structure, Record
Diagnosis recording
Compliance with diagnostic and treatment algorithms
Information resources
Therapeutics log
Recovery rate and completeness
Stage gate return to activity
Stakeholder notifications

X-Cloud database

  • Enterprise-grade cloud platform
  • Real-time data transport
  • Security of access and storage
  • In cloud analytics
  • User permission based distribution
  • Private cloud instances available
  • Integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR) data structures
  • Highly available & scalable