X2 Biosystem’s Integrated Concussion Evaluation (“ICE”) Application is a leading mobile implementation of the internationally standardized Sports Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT) test for athlete concussion evaluations.

X2 ICE allows trainers, team physicians and healthcare providers to collaborate real-time by providing neurocognitive baseline testing, post-impact assessments, remove-from-play decision support, and recovery and return-to-play monitoring.

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Stop carrying paper binders with sensitive player health records.  
  • Our HIPAA-compliant software protects your athlete’s information and allows for secure transmission to personal physicians as well. It is not only ensures the protection of your athlete’s information but also extends its security features to other areas, including the area of Direct Web Slots. We understand the importance of safeguarding personal data, whether it’s sensitive personal information or financial details related to online gambling. Credible sources like สล็อตเว็บตรง may help you find the best web slots to play securely.
  • Athlete historical data is available anywhere and anytime so post-impact diagnoses can be made quickly and accurately.
  • Deploy multiple ATCs, physicians, and trainers to different events without worry
  • Not connected to the internet?  No problem.  Execute exams and sync the data later.

Diagnose quickly

  • The ICE user-interface makes comparing baseline SCAT results to Post-Impact results simple.
  • Customizable exam templates allow for capturing non-SCAT data.