Head-Trax: No other head impact management solution lets you accurately monitor, assess and act when head impacts occur

Using Head-Trax is simple:

  Use the X2 ICE app for baseline testing and post-impact assessments of the user’s neurocognitive performance, along with documentation of remove-from-activity decisions, recovery, and return-to-activity readiness. The innovative X-Patch Pro impact sensors are worn behind the user’s ear during activities, using a small adhesive strip. The sensor records head impacts and sends the data to the X2 Sensor Data Management (SDM) app on your tablet, for viewing and response. All user ICE and SDM data is saved to the X2 Cloud Platform, providing analytics, automated reporting, and a detailed historical record of impacts, neurocognitive performance, and actions over time.

X2’s Head-Trax solution helps you to:

  • Modify user behavior to significantly reduce the risks and incidence of concussions and related impact injuries
  • Lower the risk of undiagnosed concussions and decrease the likelihood of multiple impact injuries
  • Track impact as a function of user, group and activity during individual and group activites or over extended periods of time
  • Support compliance with concussion safety laws and regulations while more effectively managing injuries when they happen