Major General (R) Steve Layfield

Chair, X2 Military Advisory Board

Dir., Joint Warfighting Ctr, J7

Commanding General, US Army Alaska,

Cmndr, 3rd Brigade, 1st Calvary

“Knowledge is Power.  The intelligent projection of power is what the US military and NATO are all about. X2 technology helps commanders make better decisions about force deployment to maximize both mission effectiveness and soldier safety.”

X2 Military Advisory Board

Brigadier General (R) Tony Tata

Member, X2 Military Advisory Board

Commander, 10th Mtn division

Director, Joint IED Org.

COO, WA DC public schools

“Nearly 100,000 kids play sports within DoD base school systems.  Keeping their brains healthy means a healthier recruit population.  A healthier army is a stronger army.  The X2 system allows the DoD to take better care of soldiers from youth through retirement.”

Colonel (R) Rich Burns

Member, X2 Military Advisory Board

Brigade Commander, 593rd

Logistics Chief, ISAF

“I want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to protect our troops.  I see the X2 system as a major tool in accomplishing this important objective.”

“Reducing suicides in the Army has been the most difficult challenge in my 40 years in the military… if there was one thing the Army could do, it would be to better understand the brain, and how brain injury affects the symptoms of suicide… Individuals with TBI are many times more likely than healthy individuals to die from suicide” 

-Gen. Peter Chiarelli, Nov 2011

“Traumatic brain injury is considered the signature injury of soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Evidence suggests tens of thousands of soldiers are falling through the cracks.”

-NPR, 2012

“Concussions among the men and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan could be the next Agent Orange.”

-The New Yorker, Jan 2011

TBI in the Military

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