We face a national epidemic of SPORTS BRAIN INJURY

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that more than 3,800,000 Sports Brain Injuries occur per year, that 300,000 of these result in loss of consciousness (LoC), and that over 250,000 Sport Brain Injuries occur in a typical high school football season.  More than 80% go unreported, unrecognized, and unmanaged.

(CDC estimates)

The US DoD has declared mTBI the “Signature Injury of 21st century warfare”, and mTBI is believed to be present in over 20% of soldiers (over 300,000 / year).  20% – 40% continue to suffer lingering effects of Post Concussion Syndrome for over a year.  Chillingly, mTBI is suspected as a major contributor to the epidemic of suicide in veterans.  Over 80% of military mTBI occurs in garrison & training, as opposed to the less than 20% resulting from exposure to IED blast or combat related exercises.

(DoD estimates)

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