Jim L. Mora

Chair, X2 Sports Advisory Board

Head Coach UCLA Football, former Head Coach Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons

“My involvement with X2 stems from my deep love of the game of football combined with my desire to see my children experience all the wonderful things the game can add to their lives.  X2 has developed a technology platform that will revolutionize the way we monitor head impacts in all contact sports.  As a parent I look forward to the day where I can sit in the stands watching my kids play the sports they love to play, the sports that teach them lessons in teamwork, hard work, perseverance, overcoming adversity and goal setting and know that they are safe.  With the technology X2 has developed, that day is here.”

X2 Sports Advisory Board

Terry Bradshaw

Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback, Football Analyst and Co-host of Fox NFL Sunday

“I wouldn’t trade my Hall of Fame NFL career for anything…except a healthy brain.  From being a player who has experienced the highest of highs in winning Super Bowls, to being an adult who is now affected by the cumulative undetected blows to the head that have slowed my cognitive functions, I have prayed for a technology like X2’s.  I love football, I love to see kids playing football, but I want them monitored and I want them safe.  X2 has developed Impact Monitoring Technology that will soon act to keep kids in all contact sports safe.”

Ray Lewis

NFL All-Pro Linebacker

"Concussions and head trauma in young athletes is a threat not only to the athlete but a threat to the game. I love football! The team at X2 have developed a smart sports technology platform that will keep kids playing the sports they love in a safe and monitored environment."

Merril Hoge

Former NFL Player and Football Analyst

“My NFL playing career was cut short because of improper diagnoses and care of a concussion. After suffering a concussion that cost me 5 games I returned to the field and suffered another concussion that almost cost me my life.  All of this could have been prevented by the proper recognition and care.  That is why I’m beyond excited to be working with X2.  They are developing Impact Monitoring Systems that will provide our youth coaches and medical personnel with the information they need to keep our kids playing sports in a safe environment."

Damon Huard

Former NFL Quarterback and Football Analyst

"There are ideas and technologies born everyday that make a difference in this world.   The intelligent mouthpiece that X2 has developed is the one technology out there today that will make the sports our children love to play safer and provide a comfort level for us as parents that we have never known before.  These systems will soon be a way of life for every athlete."

Roger Levesque

Former Seattle Sounders

"Soccer is the world’s game.  With more kids playing soccer and starting at younger ages, it becomes imperative to provide a safe environment for children to compete.  X2 is doing exactly that, addressing the ever-growing issue of Sports Brain Injury in contact sports.  X2‘s innovative technology platform provides the information needed to keep kids healthy, happy and on the field playing the sport that they love."

Nick Collison

Oklahoma City Thunder, former University of Kansas Athlete

"I’m excited to be a part of a disruptive technological platform that watches over kids during play in contact sports. X2 has developed a comprehensive sports brain injury system that will make a positive difference in the way sports medicine professionals monitor potential brain injuries and recovery."

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