X2’s end-to-end system provides real-time data for head impacts.

Close partnership with Microsoft Windows Azure allows X2 to transport, analyze, store, and deliver rich, accurate head impact and injury data to users real time, anywhere in the world.

The 6 axis impact acceleration function information gathered by the X2 sensor modules is transmitted by the X2Net wireless protocol to the X2 access point located at the sideline and recorded in our secure Windows Azure cloud database. Access to the player information is subsequently provided to authorized mobile devices at the field of play or anywhere in the world.

The X2 system notifies athletic trainers, coaches, and team physicians in real time about impacts to players heads, and provides a suite of tools supporting athlete assessment in bench vs. play decisions, recovery and safe return to play protocols.

Close partnership with ST Microelectronics allows X2 to create sensor telemetry systems of unprecedented density and sophistication.

This approach allows X2 to provide uniquely high quality information at a revolutionarily low cost of acquisition and ownership. By immediately informing the sideline staff of head impact events on the field, and by providing Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 2 (“SCAT3”) based interactive sideline concussion assessment tools, the X2 system supports improved outcomes of player brain health in concert with the existing standard of care. All impact events, as well as detailed logs of provider actions and clinical determinations, are automatically recorded in the X2 cloud database.

The X2 Virtual Projected Sensor (VPS) allows xPatches to accurately measure impacts as they are experienced at multiple locations inside the head.

6 DOF head impact measurement: The X2 system directly measures three axes of Linear Acceleration and three axes of Angular Velocity.

Every impact event, as well as detailed logs of provider actions and clinical determinations, are automatically recorded in the X2 cloud database. The resulting data provide immediate utility to athletic trainers and coaches now, and will prove invaluable in supporting future research that will revolutionize our understanding of this important injury.

The X2 Smashlab

The X2 Smashlab is where we test our devices. By comparing the results from our xPatches to the output of aerospace grade reference sensors embedded in laboratory headforms, we fine tune our systems to provide the most accurate possible representation of impact conditions inside the head. Stanford University and others have conducted independent laboratory research and continue to study X2 gear as we develop it.