The X2 Sensor Data Management App:
Detailed documentation, reporting and analytics

X2’s Sensor Data Management (SDM) app gives you comprehensive tracking of impacts as a function of:
  • Team, player, position and activity during individual practices and games or over extended periods of time
  • Automated reporting
  • Comprehensive player and team analytics
  • Enter, review, and update teams and rosters
  • Assign X-Patch devices to players
  • View status of X-Patch battery, data memory
  • Activate / deactivate X-Patch devices
  • View reports by team, position or custom grouping
  • Sort by preset and custom date ranges (game,month, season)
  • Track impacts over time by individual, team or custom grouping
  • View impact vectors and scatterplots by individual, team andcustom grouping
  • Set Remove-from-Play impact thresholds and activate alerts