The X-Patch:
The world’s most widely deployed wearable head impact monitor

X2’s “X-Patch” is the world’s most widely deployed wearable head impact monitoring device. Safer training, playing and working techniques that incorporate the X-Patch in a wide range of youth, high school, college and professional sports have demonstrated 30% to 70% reductions in the incidence of head impacts that can lead to concussion injuries.

The X-Patch is also being used to help study cumulative brain damage due to repetitive sub-concussive head impacts, and to develop more comprehensive and personalized remove-from-play thresholds.

Now X2 has introduced the X-Patch Pro, truly innovative impact sensors that are worn behind the user’s ear during activities, using a small adhesive strip. The sensor records head impacts and sends the data to the Sensor Data Management (SDM) app on your tablet, for viewing and response.

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